Secure File Replication

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Subject: Secure File Replication
Posted by:  Will (westes-usc@noemail.nospam)
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007

Does any vendor make a cryptographically secure file replication
application?  I would like to have some basic support for certificates to
authenticate each end and the ability to run the service on each end some
non privileged user account.    I have a member server in a DMZ that I need
to exchange files with, and I want the file exchange to happen immediately
and automatically when a user just drops a file onto a folder on a drive.
The user would then be able to go to the same drive letter on their
workstation in the internal network and see the file they had dropped,
magically transported to the internal network (or vice versa).

SSH, secure ftp, etc, are programmer and administrator tools, and probably a
stretch to train the level of person who is the user for this application.