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Subject: Secedit rollback
Posted by:  leobis (leob…
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007

Hi all,
in my network laboratory I am taking practsing by using the secedit and its
switch tool.
From the command prompt of a Windows 2003 SP1 member server I launched the
following command:
secedit /generaterollback /db C:\temp\hisecws.sdb /cfg
c:\windows\security\template\hisecws.inf /rbk c:\temp\hisecwsrollback.inf
/log c:\temp\hisecws.log

Once the above command finished the rollback template (hisecwsrollback.inf)
was saved in the proper folder but on re-analyzing the configuration I found
out that the hisecws settings were not applied. Probably I have
misinterpreted the function of the "cfg option" in the above instruction
since honestly I thought that the cfg option in the generaterollback could be
used to apply the security settings once the rollback template was saved
...... but now I think that I'm makimg a blunder.
can you help me out on to properly use the above command and particurarly
the /Cfg option?
Thanks in advance for your help.