Trojan-Horse PUSHU Cannot be deleted using anti-virus software.

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Subject: Trojan-Horse PUSHU Cannot be deleted using anti-virus software.
Posted by:  CiscoGEEK J. (CiscoGEE…
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2007

I've recently reinstalled my computer with Windows xp home edition several
times this weekend for software testing and developement. Now, I am no
"PORNO-FREAK". The reason I said that is because, while updating my PC with
Microsoft's updates just after installing the Operating system, I get this
virus infected on my PC. This is very strange, because it's said that the
virus is downloaded through emails when I didn't have time to visit my email
account and when I did there wasn't any "Porn Spam". I believe that this
virus has a multiple entry operation into computers other than through email
spam. Since it was self-installed during the installation of an OS and again
after my SOPHOS anti-virus (Spy Sweeper w/ anti-virus from sophos)
quarantined and deleted it, the possibiltiy that a vulnerability in Windows'
remote access software,etc. could be the problem.

One more thing regarding security, I have a firwalled router using simple
blocking tools to block WAN requests, multicast, and NAT redirection.