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Subject: Re: Granting Access to View Application Pools
Posted by:  Roger Abell [MVP] (mvpNoSp…
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2007

IIRC IIS mgmt UI of IIS 6 doesnot/cannot grant that type/level
of granularity, but IIS 7 probably (have not look specifically
at that very narrow requirement) does.

You should not that what you outlined does not grant ability
to look at the application pools, but only that the definitions
of the pools (which might not be in use).

You might want to consider making an NTFS change on the
metabase.xml and providing either raw access or a script
or IE+SLT that reads the metabase.xml and shows them the
relevant info.


<jwgoerli…> wrote in message
> Hello group,
> This is IIS related and so I may be asking the wrong group.
> If you have administrative level permissions on a Windows 2003 IIS
> server, you can drill down into IIS Manager > Application Pools >
> DefaultAppPool and see all of the applications beneath. Now, I have a
> person who needs to view this information but has only user-level
> permissions.
> How can I grant view access to the IIS Application Pool?
> J Wolfgang Goerlich


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