One Care - boot problem

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Subject: One Care - boot problem
Posted by:  Dianne (Dian…
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007

I am trying to help a friend resolve a problem we believe was created when
she downloaded the trial version of Windows Live - One Care.

After downloading the software she attempted to reboot the computer as part
of the install and it would not come up.  All she could get was the usual
Windows blue screen of death!

She called me and I tried to get it up in Safe Mode.  We could get into the
Windows Advanced Option Menu.  We selected Safe Mode and the next window
popped up asking which operating system - only one choice was available XP
Professional, so it was selected.  Then the fatal blue screen reappears.  We
attempted this multiple times and powered it off as well.

If her computer was running regular XP, not service pack 2, could that cause
this problem?  If so, is there any solution?  The friend has had the computer
for only a couple weeks, but it is an older hand-me-down.  I do not know for
sure what the operating systems is and haven't got a clue how to figure that
out now.  Of course, the computer did not come with the original operating
system disks, so restoring XP is not an option (without buying a new version,
that is).

Can anyone offer any suggestions?