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Subject: Smartcard help! GemPlus..
Posted by:  UselessUser (UselessUs…
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2007

Hi all,

I am looking at trialling some smartcards primarily for logon but possibly
other users in the future, but it seems this is a very poorly documented area
(Even by the manufacturers)..

The two manufacturers I have been looking at are OmniKey and GemPlus.. I
have been reading that the GemSafe 32K Expresso cards do not seem to work
with the built in Microsoft GemPlus CSP v1.0 and that I need to obtain an
updated version from GemPlus... The only thing I have seen that offers this
is the GemPlus Libraries software??

What this actual software does seems to be extremely confusing... do I
actually need this software at all? It mentions securing email etc etc, but
surely I can do this with the Windows CA software?? In which case what is the

Also as it appears these cards need this software for the new CSP even if
not for anything else, do I need to buy licences for this software or is it
just purchase one cd?

If however this software is needed just to use the cards for logon etc  why
can I not seem to find any Omnikey software?..

Please help extremely confused about this...