Brute force backdoor checking

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Subject: Brute force backdoor checking
Posted by:  jjoensuu (j_joens…
Date: 15 Apr 2007

Hi all,

I have been looking for software / hardware that can accomplish
following tasks:

A. software/hardware that can be used for running brute force /
dictionary attack against network ports running on a system.
B. hardware that can be used for running low level tests against
network ports.

Both of these would be used for checking a system for possible

Alternative A should be able to test a network port pretty much the
same way as a brute force pen testing tool would do with a software
application. It should be able to send character snippets of varying
lengths to selected network port or ports and be able to react to a

Alternative B should be able to test a network port for reactions to
low level signals and voltage differences.

Does anyone know if this type of hardware/software exists

Also pointers to any information such as books about this would be