MS VPN loses IP address and changes to

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Subject: MS VPN loses IP address and changes to
Posted by:  sfeder (sfed…
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007

For Several months a windows XP machine has been connecting to a Windows 2003
server through the standard Microsoft VPN.  Lately after connecting the IP
address from the remote network changes to and he can no longer work.
Although I don't believe it's relevant he is working on a Sony laptop.  Has
anyone had this experience?  We deleted the existing VPN client and
re-created it.  It worked for the afternoon and a portion of the next day.
At this point I'm not sure if he is getting an address at all but the client
says he is connected to the network.

As an alternative is there another VPN client available from third parties
which will hook directly into a Windows 2003 server rather than third-party
Thanks in advance.