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Subject: Re: bios locked up
Posted by:  JimR (jrap1…
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007

<martin.jesusfre…> wrote in message
> Hello,
> I have recently purchased an acer travelmate 2200 and it was working
> fine. I was using the internet when it entered hibernation mode. After
> turning it on after plugging it in to the mains adapter, it went to
> the bios password screen. I tried to enter my password, which i know,
> but i cannot type in the password box, reguardless of which keys i
> press, no characters appear in the box. Also, the keyboard functions
> such as; turning the moniter off still works, implying that the
> keyboard is still functioning correctly.
> Any ideas on how to bypass this or get it to work would be much
> appreciated ASAP as i need to be finishing AS coursework.
> If you suggest anything to do with cmos battery, please indicate its
> location.
> Thanks in advance

Since the computer was recently purchased, you should contact Acer product




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