AD 2003 Password Complexity and French Keyboard drivers

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Subject: AD 2003 Password Complexity and French Keyboard drivers
Posted by:  NHDiverAdmin (NHDiverAdm…
Date: Wed, 16 May 2007

Hello, figured I'd throw this around here before buying an answer.  I've got
an international client who are having trouble with password complexity,
particularly in non-english countries (France, Italy) using their countries
Windows kb drivers and keyboards.

AD Default Domain Policy has the password complexity set to Disabled.  The
servers are using Microsoft's passflt.dll to enforce complexity.  Passwords
be 6 in length, 1 day in age.  HD personnel sets a French user's password to
"Monde7" with password change required.  The user logs in and is prompted for
a change, but won't accept any passwords that match the standard complexity
rules (tried many things like Friends1, !Friends^, ILtheBA!!, but all to no

1.  Just what really are the hard, true password rules from Microsoft on
complexity - their published information is incorrect.
2.  Is anyone having problems with password complexity simply because of
different national keyboard drivers and layouts?

The two unusual things here are that I'm not experienced with using
complexity, except for on my NT4 or older servers, being controlled by
anything except AD policy, and I've not had any great depth supporting world
wide users with Microsoft products.  Thanks in advance for your input!