Where to download a free network commands package ?

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Subject: Where to download a free network commands package ?
Posted by:  for.f…@laposte.net
Date: 19 May 2007

Hi everybody,

I just come from the DNS Stuff Web site (www.dnsstuff.com) and I would
like to have the same functionnalities installed on my computer : if
DNS Stuff is not joignable or if one day they stop their service or
for any other reason, I want the commands on my computer.

Here are the DNS Stuff functionnalities :

DNS Report
DNS Timing
WHOIS Lookup
Spam Database Lookup
Reverse DNS lookup
IP Information
DNS Lookup
Traceroute (already in Windows)
Ping (already in Windows)
ISP Cached DNS Lookup
Abuse Lookup
Free E-mail Lookup
Decimal IPs
E-mail Test
CSE HTML Validator

I am interested in a package of invidual command line commands or
better, a graphical application which do all of these. I just want it
to be free.
If such a package exist, I will save a lot of time searching
separately for all the commands.

Thanks in advance.