User's Effective Permissions on Domain?

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Subject: User's Effective Permissions on Domain?
Posted by:  Neil Meyer (nmey…
Date: Mon, 21 May 2007

Is it possible to inventory a user's effective permissions on network
resources (servers & folders & websites) in the user's domain?.  For
example, Server A and Server B have multiple shares.  Person 1 may have read
access to a share on A and is a local admin on B.  Person 2 may have read
access for only 1 of the shares on Server B, etc.  Persons 1 and 2 also have
read access to folders X and Y on ReportServer R through IIS/windows

These permissions can accumulate through any number of groups or individual
permission settings, with increasing complexity.

At some point, managers ask:  Can you tell me what Joe User has access to?

Are there third party security tools that do this?  Microsoft analyzers?
Not a chance?

Any help appreciated.