Windows Vista Upgrade UAC issue

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Subject: Windows Vista Upgrade UAC issue
Posted by:  Allen (AlAmWe…@news.postalias)
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007

Ok short and sweet on this. I did the Express Upgrade. 98% Unattended
installation. Only options I was presented with was with certain drivers
being updated. Which according to the instructions provided I was told not to
as it would be updated upon completion of the upgrade. When all was said and
done with, the only administrative account (disabled by default now) is no
longer able to log on even in safe mode. I was under the impression it would
keep it enabled if it was the only one and not connected to a domain. But
this isnt the case for some reason.

Since I was never presented with the option of creating a reset disk/disc, I
dont have a way that I am aware of to get in with Administrative rights to
create another admin account for creating new accounts.

When I try to create an account with the standard user account that I can
log on with, I get an error about using special characters as a user name
even though I am not using special characters. Alpha and numeric are
interpreted as special characters even though it displays exactly as I typed

Any ideas on this one? Any and all help would be appreciated.