permissions issue on a mounted volume...

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Subject: permissions issue on a mounted volume...
Posted by:  GO (
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2007


I've come across an odd permissions issue with a mounted volume (Windows XP
Pro) and am
hoping someone can shed some light as to what is going on.  I have a
partition created on my computer that I have full control over and I am not
experiencing any permissions issues on it.  This partition is accessed using
a drive letter (O:).  I have another partition, on another hard drive, and
have mounted it to a folder on the O: drive (both formatted with NTFS and
both have the default permissions applied, ie I have not customized them in
anyway).  For some reason I am unable to delete folders on this mounted
volume, strangely enough files do not seem to be affected.  I can move and
rename these folders without any problem (even to a different partition) but
when trying to delete I get an access denied error.  I was first thinking
that maybe the folders are in use (locked) but even after a reboot they are
undeleteable; the Administrator account has the same problem.  The
permissions themselves look ok but I did notice an oddity: there is an entry
for my account and "CREATOR OWNER" and they both have "special" permissions.
Looking  under the advanced permissions they do both have full control
though.  If I go into Disk Management and assign a drive letter to this
partition I am able to delete the folder with no problems at all.

The best suggestion I have found, which unfortuantely did not help in the
matter, was from one of MS's KB articles.  They suggested assigning a drive
letter to the volume, applying desired permissions and then remounting it.
This had no effect, even after completely removing the existing permissions
and then redefine them.  From my research so far it appears this is a bug
(feature :) in all flavors of NT but I cannot find a solution yet.

Any idea as to what's going on and how to fix it?