%windir%\security \database\secedit.sdb ) was. The parameter is in

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Subject: %windir%\security \database\secedit.sdb ) was. The parameter is in
Posted by:  nazrul (nazr…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007

1. when i click at security profile one message pop pup "The group security
setting that apply to this machine could not be determined.The error return
when trying to retrieve these setting form the local security policy database
(%windir%\security \database\secedit.sdb ) was. The parameter is incorrect.

All local security setting we be displayed,but no indication will be given
as to whether or not a given security setting is defined by group policy.

Any local security setting modified thought this user interface may
subsequently be overriden-lever policies.
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2. I try trouble shooting use esentut / g /r /p but the problem still happend