Applying security templates

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Subject: Applying security templates
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Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007

1) In Windows 2000, there are 2 ways to apply a security template --
use the Security Configuration and Analysis snap-in or use the
secedit.exe command.  Does anyone know if these 2 tools use the same
code to apply a template?  Basically what I want to know is this: if
some bugs exist in the Security Configuration and Analysis tool for
applying templates, will those same bugs be present in the secedit.exe
command (or vice versa)?

2) There is a template called "setup security.inf" that Windows 2000
uses to apply the default security settings during installation.  How
exactly does Windows 2000 apply the "setup security.inf" template
during installation?  Does it call secedit.exe or does it use some
other mechanism?