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Subject: The Update or package is not applicable
Posted by:  Mike Dower (MikeDow…
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007


I have finally managed to get FCS installed onto our network here (we're
using a 5 server topology so it was quite a challange)

After completeing all the required setup steps I am now at the stage of
Deploying the FCS Clients to the desktops but have come up against a problem

I'm using WSUS as a part of SCE to deploy the FCS Client and I have followed
all the instructions in the deployment guidde, but the software will not
deploy and returns the following error messgae:

"The Update or package is not applicable for the client computer"

The client is running Windos Vista Enterprise and has all the nessesary
updates and Firewall ports open

Can anyone explain why this is happening and offer a possible soloution?

Would be very grateful!

Thanks in advance

Mike Dower

Sys Admin - Ministry of Sound