Network Computer Games on Business Machines

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Subject: Network Computer Games on Business Machines
Posted by:  Ben (benb@nospam.postalias)
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007


We've found some of our users have installed computer games with
network/online capabilities (i.e. Guild Wars). Personally I don't think
games such as these should be installed on our business machines, but the
users are saying they should be allowed, as long as they don't play them
during work time, but only at home, or in evenings when staying in a hotel
when working away from home. I'm trying to add a section to our company
computer policy explaining why they are insecure, but I've been told that
saying 'because they are not secure' is not a good enough explanation, so I
need some concrete reasons why they are not secure. All I've got so far is
that ports may need to be opened in a firewall, which might allow other
'unwanted' traffic through, & the software might contain spyware.

Does anyone have any more reasons I can provide for blocking installation of
network games? I've tried googling for web sites, but can't find much, so if
anyone has a site, I'd be most grateful!

Many thanks