cursor behaving erratically--security invasion?

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Subject: cursor behaving erratically--security invasion?
Posted by:  wise fishy (wise fis…
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007

Right now my cursor works but only because I just used system restore.  How
long will it work I don't know.  I think this cursor issue is a symptom of a
new security threat--new because it's happened once before and both times my
anti-virus didn't pick up anything (I had a different anti-virus back then
and that one never picked it up like the one now).

Symptom was : cursor always begins to behave erratically while on net then
it migrates to everywhere on the PC.  When I say it's erratic I mean real bad
: it will go off on it's own and continually move around without my touching
the mouse & when I try to get it to respond to me it refuses.  To be more
specific, the mouse pointer moves fine but the response on the PC when I
click it (where the cursor should be on the screen) is where it acted
up--although, there are times when the pointer itself will flash off and on
by itself.

Anyway, unless it's just my bad guess I think this is a new security threat
via the net coming into my PC.

The only thing I did (which I assume was the no-no on my part) was that
yesterday on the web I had right-clicked several files to open them and view
them and then copied images I wanted to save.  I guess you can get a virus
or whatever by just doing this...gee, it's getting to the point I can't do
anything on the web anymore for fear of a security breach.

I'm leaving this here for 3 reasons : 1) to let everyone know about it; 2)
if you have any ideas to solve this should it reappear I'd like to hear it;
3) if you have any ideas to help me prevent it in the future I'd like to hear

Will be back to read all replies.  Thanx.