X509 Certificates and Web Services

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Subject: X509 Certificates and Web Services
Posted by:  John Wright (riley_wrigh…@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007

I am having some troubles and really need some help.  I am trying to create
an x509 cert (makecert.exe) and use it for a proof of concept for my
company.  I need to make a certificate (which I have done), have the web
service return the
public key for this certificate to the client which will encrypt a message
with it, then have the web service decrypt the message with the private key.
How do I load the cert I just created?  How do I return the public key from
this cert to the client?
How do I encrypt the message with the public key on the client?  How do I
decrypt the message on the server with the private key?

This is urgent, we are trying to get some framework for webservices in place
and I can't find any VB.NET code for this.  Thanks.

John Wright