controlling deleting of files with NTFS

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Subject: controlling deleting of files with NTFS
Posted by:  Chad Shutts (ChadShut…
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007

I am trying to control the deleting of files in one of our deparments.  Only
one user should be able to delete.  Everyone else should be able to change,
and create new but never delete.

On the top most folder I am trying to set the ntfs security on, I have said
to 'deny' delete for the ACL group.

Ok, here is the issue:  They are not allowed to delete, so I had sucess there!
They are allowed to modify, so I had success there!...but if they are in
word and create a new document and save it in that folder, they get an error
saying it cannot save because "the folder is marked read only".
If I go to the folder and right click, new, text document or word
document..I get a similiar message.

So I take away the deny delete and they can create new again...but they can
also delete files again.

I need to resolve this...but also their supervisor still needs to be able to
delete and she is in the same group.

So really I need answer to 2 questions...
1. prohibit the deleting of files
2. allowing one person to delete in the same folder

I appreciate any and all advice,