SBS 2003 suddenly blocked Inbound traffic overnight.

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Subject: SBS 2003 suddenly blocked Inbound traffic overnight.
Posted by:  New Administrator (NewAdministrat…
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007

My company server suddenly blocked inbound traffic over night. I can access
the internet on the server with no problem, so outbound is good.

I've ran the "Net Diagnostic" utility both network cards passed.

I pinged the NIC cards ( both passed that.

I checked the TCP/IP filters on each card and they are set to permit all
TCP/UDP/IP Protocols. (Enable TCP/IP is not selected)

I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled both adapters and configured static settings.

Inside my router settings, under attached devices I see the assigned server
static IP address (I've unplugged to clear the address and inserted the cable
(Many times))

Using the router diagnostics I tried to ping the address. I received the
"Request timed out".

There's isn't any firewall software or hardware other than the router itself.

Please help!!!!