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Subject: keyword alert
Posted by:  kf (…
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007

i have a program called freedom that alerts me when websites are taking
sensitive info from my computer. they are refered to as keywords. i create
the list based on my own personal info and computer info. occasionally the
program warns me of attempts by sites to pull those keywords from my
computer. i have since gone through my computer and removed most info i want
to keep safe. i changed my account name since i had originally used my own
name as my account log in name. the keyword alert is still warning me of
attempts to extract my name from my computer. i checked in system properties
and my computer name and changed it but the alerts still appear. could
someone tell me where else to look where this info would still be in my
computer? and if its possible to change it? ( the warning would say something
like this- " the keyword alert has found outgoing web traffic containing
sensitive information destined for...>name of site<) thanks in advance.