Re: secure lockdown of terminal server liscencing?

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Subject: Re: secure lockdown of terminal server liscencing?
Posted by:  S. Pidgorny (slavic…
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2007

Domain trust doesn't create a vulnerability - it only allows assigning
permissions to resources in trusting domain to users and systems in trusted
domain. Administrators still have to assign permissions.

There seem to be some issues with Terminal Services licensing in trust
scenarios: - I just found the
article, I'm not a licensing expert...

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"TonyZeigler" <TonyZeigl…> wrote in message
>I have two domains that I want to keep separate. However, I do have a need
> have one machine on one of the domains access the liscence server for TS
> on
> the other.
> Unfortunately, all the config screens for the liscence server management
> want me to specify a server on a trusted domain.
> Given that I'm a complete newb when it comes to trusting domains, I am
> hopefully overworried about security implications of trusting them? Can
> anyone describe how to trust the two domains to limit the trust to
> servicing
> just the liscence server service?


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