Re: secure lockdown of terminal server liscencing?

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Subject: Re: secure lockdown of terminal server liscencing?
Posted by:  TonyZeigler (TonyZeigl…
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2007

Thanks, I didn't realize that - people always get wide eyes when we talk
about trusting domains between our main office and our clients.

As for the article linked, I had reviewed that one already, but we were
already up to the latest service pack. The problem I was trying to get around
was trusting the domains in any way, but it sounds like that might not be the
issue I thought it was.
(The moment I created the trust I was able to get it to work)

"S. Pidgorny <MVP>" wrote:

> Domain trust doesn't create a vulnerability - it only allows assigning
> permissions to resources in trusting domain to users and systems in trusted
> domain. Administrators still have to assign permissions.
> There seem to be some issues with Terminal Services licensing in trust
> scenarios: - I just found the
> article, I'm not a licensing expert...
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> "TonyZeigler" <TonyZeigl…> wrote in message
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> >I have two domains that I want to keep separate. However, I do have a need
> >to
> > have one machine on one of the domains access the liscence server for TS
> > on
> > the other.
> >
> > Unfortunately, all the config screens for the liscence server management
> > want me to specify a server on a trusted domain.
> >
> > Given that I'm a complete newb when it comes to trusting domains, I am
> > hopefully overworried about security implications of trusting them? Can
> > anyone describe how to trust the two domains to limit the trust to
> > servicing
> > just the liscence server service?



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