Microsoft releases the Malware Removal Starter Kit

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Subject: Microsoft releases the Malware Removal Starter Kit
Posted by:  Melissa Travers [MSFT] (mtrave…
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007

I thought you'd be interested in Microsoft's Malware Removal Starter Kit.
It's a free download from TechNet, and provides you with excellent guidance
and tools to help you restore PCs infected with malware.  Here's a quick
overview of what the kit can do for your organization.


PCs Infected with Malware?

Every day, adversaries attempt to invade your networks and infect your
systems with viruses, spyware, and other malware. In other cases, employees
can open the door to malware by visiting infected Web sites, opening the
wrong e-mail attachments, or running macros that contain viruses.

As an IT professional focused on security, you know the risks first hand.
You've installed antivirus software and you keep your protection updated.
Sometimes, though, attacks are successful, and computers get infected. And
once they are inside the organization, malware outbreaks can spread with
alarming speed, compromising or destroying mission-critical data or personal

Restore Infected PCs with the Malware Removal Starter Kit!

When you discover PCs that have been infected with malware and your current
antivirus tools can't solve the problem, where do you turn next?  Is there a
way to restore infected PCs without completely rebuilding them from scratch?

The Malware Removal Starter Kit, the newest Solution Accelerator from
Microsoft, provides free, tested guidance to help you combat malware attacks
and restore infected systems-so users can safely get back to work. The kit
shows you how to use the Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) to
discover malware by performing a thorough offline scan of your computers,
uncovering malware that may be hiding in the operating system. And once
malware is located and identified, it can be quickly removed from infected
PCs with a number of free anti-malware tools, like the Malicious Software
Removal Tool from Microsoft.

The Malware Removal Starter Kit answers questions like:

·        What are the keys to a reliable, effective response plan to remedy
malware outbreaks?

·        How do I build a bootable CD that lets me perform offline virus

·        How can I discover and remove viruses and other malware hiding in
the operating system?

·        How does the Malware Removal Starter Kit augment Microsoft's
anti-malware strategy?

Key Benefits

The Malware Removal Starter Kit is:

·        Effective: Helps you to uncover malware that's difficult to

·        Flexible: Lets you use best approach for the specific problem you're

·        Reliable: Provides guidance thoroughly tested by Microsoft
security experts.

·        Simple: Offers a solution that is easy to configure and use.

·        Free: The Malware Removal Starter Kit is a free download from

Download the free Malware Removal Starter Kit

Accessing the kit is easy, and it's free!  Click here to learn more or to
download the kit.