Security controls in a web application

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Subject: Security controls in a web application
Posted by:  Big Charles (cherediate…
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2007


I have developed a web application in .NET that interacts with Oracle
database. Now this app is been audited according to security issues of
ISO 17799.
I'm afraid that my web app is lacking of many security controls.

I have implemented some security controls like a login page that asks
for userid and password in order to access the web app. Also, every
web page calls a stored procedure when is loaded. That SP consults if
the userid is allowed to access that web page.

However, there are many other security controls that I didn't know.
For example, a guy asked me if the login page controls how many times
can somebody try to login. If somebody tries to login more than three
times with no success, then the user account has to be blocked for
some time. That is in order to avoid hacking, because somebody can use
some program to generate random passwords and trying to login over and
over until it succeeds.

My question is: Is there any practical guide to follow about what
security controls must be implemented in a web application that
interacts with database? I think it should exists, like:

- Passwords have to have 6 alphanumeric characters at least.
- If the user logins for the first time, the application has to force
him to change his password.
- If the user tries to login more than three times unsuccessfully,
then the account has to be blocked
- etc, etc

Thank you very much!