Auto log in with basic authentication

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Subject: Auto log in with basic authentication
Posted by: (…@thatsit)
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2007

I am currently setting up a intranet that will not be available from outside
the network, also a extranet that will be available from outside the
The extranet has basic authentication and SSL. it passes though a ISA 2000
firewall and for various reasons we need to use basic authentication, but as
it is over SSL it is encrypted so it does not matter that basic uses clear
Certain pages that need to be accessed from outside I will put on the
extranet but I don't want to have to recreate these pages on the intranet
also so internal users will access these pages from the extranet.
All seems fine but one point. when internal users access the extranet they
are prompted to log in, even though their browsers are set to log in
automatically with current username and password. this is annoying to say
the least.
Is there any solution?
Is this normal for basic over SSL to prompt even when set to auto login in
any suggestions