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Subject: Word Document Password
Posted by:  mcp6453 (mcp64…@earthlink.net)
Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2007

I have a Word document that is password protected. It is possible that
the password is because of a corrupt document because I never use
document passwords in Word.

One of the most popular programs for finding a document password is
Rixler's Office Multi-Document Password Cracker. However, I have a
concern about the safety of the software because it appears to phone
home when it is working:

"The search for a decryption key is done on the online document
decryption server, while the actual decryption is executed on your
computer. This technology provides maximum security to the owner of the
document as the latter remains on the computer and is not sent anywhere."

The major concern is whether the program uploads any document
information to Rixler. A Google search has not revealed any warnings
about the use of the software. Since I'm not familiar with this company,
and since they have been recommend in Microsoft newsgroups before, I
thought I would ask. They have been around a while, and I would assume
that they would not last if they are grabbing confidential information.

The document is not particularly valuable, but it does contain some
confidential information.