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Subject: Re: Word Document Password
Posted by:  Graham Mayor (gmay…
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2007

If you have not put a password on the document and no-one else has had
access to do so, then the document is not protected but corrupt. There is no
mechanism by which documents can protect themselves.

I would be more concerned about giving my credit card details to someone who
cracks passwords for a living?

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mcp6453 wrote:
> I have a Word document that is password protected. It is possible that
> the password is because of a corrupt document because I never use
> document passwords in Word.
> One of the most popular programs for finding a document password is
> Rixler's Office Multi-Document Password Cracker. However, I have a
> concern about the safety of the software because it appears to phone
> home when it is working:
> "The search for a decryption key is done on the online document
> decryption server, while the actual decryption is executed on your
> computer. This technology provides maximum security to the owner of
> the document as the latter remains on the computer and is not sent
> anywhere."
> The major concern is whether the program uploads any document
> information to Rixler. A Google search has not revealed any warnings
> about the use of the software. Since I'm not familiar with this
> company, and since they have been recommend in Microsoft newsgroups
> before, I thought I would ask. They have been around a while, and I
> would assume that they would not last if they are grabbing
> confidential information.
> The document is not particularly valuable, but it does contain some
> confidential information.


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