SSL VPN:Poor performance & memory resources

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Subject: SSL VPN:Poor performance & memory resources
Posted by:  Mr. Magoo (MrMag…
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2007

I notice that I connect via SSL VPN to my organization.
Then I launch RDP (Remote Desktop) and connect to my machine at work.

In the first 15 minutes or so, response time is great.
Then gradually I notice that things slow down;graphics in documents do not
appear as promptly anymore, I attempt to reply to e-mails and it takes
seconds untill I see the window to let me type, etc. I am using Vista with
1GB RAM memory. I have a co-worker using XPSP2 from a machine with 1GB RAM
and he reports same behavior when using the SSL VPN.

I notice that if I reboot my machine, I connect again to the same RDP
session and response time is good. Then I start using my machine at work via
RDP, and things slow down again.

My question is:
How sensitive is a client machine if SSL (in this case, SSL VPN) process is
in place? I know SSL is intense on the server side and I do have an SSL
acceleration card on the VPN gateway, but I would like a confirmation on
whether an SSL connection like this would also make memory a more sensitive
resource. My user experience with my machine is fine other than this, and
therefore I am trying to determine whether limited memory in the client side
could be the cause of this.