Security risk when going on line to reinstall antivirus prog.

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Subject: Security risk when going on line to reinstall antivirus prog.
Posted by:  jj mac (jj m…
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007

McAfee antivirus has blocked a program from sending emails from my computer
because of activity which might indicate a worm is on my computer.
To remedy this problem McAfee have asked me to uninstall and then reinstall
McAfee from my on line account and not from the installation CD. I pointed
out to McAfee that I was concerned that if there is a worm on my computer it
could run riot after I uninstall the the McAfee Security center and then go
online unprotected in order to carry out the reinstallation.
The reply I got From McAfee was:
"I would suggest you to please uninstall McAfee with the help of removal
tool and reinstall from your online account and not from the CD."
That reply has not allayed my concern.
I have scanned my computer with McAfee AntiVirus which (although the block
in Windows Mail is still in place) is currently reporting only 6
Potentionally unwanted Programs and adds that no action is required.
Also Spybot gives a clean bill of health.
AD-Aware reports a couple of MRU objects which I have quarantined on a
number of occasions but they keep returning.
The only program that has caused me a little concern is a-Squared Free which
reports:  1 traces - med. risk
(trace C:\program files\ebay\ebay toolbar 2)

and Trace.file.ebay  2 traces--med risk
(Trace:C:\program files\ebay\ebay toolbar 2\ebaytb.dll)

McAfee has asked me to remove all the third party programs from my computer.
My McAfee account is paid up to May 2010.

Is it safe for me to proceed with the instructions I have been given by

Thank you