Re: Is WinPcap really a trojan?

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Subject: Re: Is WinPcap really a trojan?
Posted by:  Steve Winograd [MVP] (bc07052…
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007

In article <J5SNMIBN$>, ian <> wrote:
>AVG Free version 7.5.484 [virus database 269.12.0/961] tells me that
>WinPcap_beta_3_1.exe and wpcap.dll contain "Trojan Horse
>BackDoor.Generic8.DHX". Are these false positives?
>AVG 7.5.476 [269.11.19/953] does not report a trojan in the same files.

Have you installed Ethereal or Wireshark?  They use a network
monitoring library called WinPcap.

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