ms capi to openssl

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Subject: ms capi to openssl
Posted by:  Bhaskar (bhaskar.til…
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007

Hello ,

I am having RSA Public & Private keys & encrypted data on windows
machine. Both generated with Ms Capi.

I want to decrypt the data on linux using openssl.

[1] So how do I move the private key from capi to openssl ? Do I need
to change endian ness for private key ?
What do u exactly mean by changing endian-ness ? It is complete
reversal of bytes or just swapping of bytes within word.

[2] Before decrypting a data , do I need to reverse the bytes ? What
should I do , I am badly stuck .

Currently its a nightmare for me to get this working.

- Bhaskar.