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Subject: Constantly Threatened HELP
Posted by:  sarah06779 (sarah067…
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2007

Running Windows XP SP 2.

I know this is extremely long, but in order for these problems to make
sense, there's no other way around it.  I have an issue that will never go
away.  I don't want to sound paranoid.  I'm being realistic.

I have an ex-husband who is a computer expert (like many of the members
here), but unlike most of you, he is obsessed with spying.  No matter what
measures I take to protect my computer (no more than 1 security program in
place, etc.) he finds a way to get to my registry and makes changes to it to
allow himself access to everything my children and I do.

My security program, Trend, came with my computer and has been corrupted
twice.  The first time it occurred, (a year ago) their technical support
fixed it for me -- no problem.

It happened again two months ago.  This time, however, I cannot get through
to Trend technical help, I've made several attempts to contact them, but
never receive a reply from them (through chat or email).  I wasn't even able
to uninstall it, but did disable it through "Services".  I then downloaded
the free version of Windows Live One Care to use until I can get my Trend
problem resolved.

Around a month ago, I downloaded "Registry Smart" -- the free version -- and
have had very little trouble from him.  3 days ago, I thought he had given up
and so I uninstalled Registry Smart.  Just hours later, I found that he had
taken control of the computer once again by denying permission to my account,
the administrator account, and the kids' account.  He renamed the
administrator account to a weird  name "my computer now".  In addition, my
Windows Life Care had been corrupted and I am unable to turn on Windows
Firewall (both options, OFF and ON are dithered).

I was able to reverse it by running system restore in safe mode, but I know
it's only a matter of hours before another strike.

At this point, I have Windows Live Care back, but still no Trend.

I was wondering if anyone could possibly answer 2 questions:

1 - is there any way I can actually prove that he is our hacker?  (He know
his way around the system all too well.)

2 - Is there ANY way of sealing hackers out of my registry?  I don't know if
Registry Smart will be enough and will never be totally comfortable again.

I recently completed a couple of courses on Web Page Design and have built a
couple of pages, but I found that some strange changes had been made to my
account settings on directNIC hosting and Navigator FTP.  He changes my
contact information to an email address that I haven't used in 3 years.

I'm concerned that he will cause some damage to my web pages as well.

I apologize for the length of this inquiry, and if you're still reading all
of this, I sincerely appreciate your patience.