network access unexplained

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Subject: network access unexplained
Posted by:  Chloe24 (Chloe…
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007

I have 8 classroom computers that i connect wirelessly to the network after
each class so Microsoft update can run, and i can perform other general
maintenance on the machines. I map a drive to one of our servers during this
process and use my admin account on the server to authenticate.  When I am
finished, I disconnect the wireless lan adapter so that during class, the
computers are physically disconnected from the network.

All the computers use a local user account, which does not have a password,
and the computers boot to the desktop for that user. This user is an
administrator account, because the software we are running requires this. All
8 are running XP Professional.

Here is the mystery: When I connect the lan adapter and start the computers,
two of these computers,  of the 8 total,  can access the network shares with
my user account ( i can tell it is my admin account because if i open a file
on the server and look at open files on the server, i can see that my account
is used) before i map a drive or do anything else to authenticate with my

How is this happening?  Have run virus scanners and the Base Security

Has anyone encountered this?  How can I find out how Windows is
authenticating the connection?