Possible security problem

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Subject: Possible security problem
Posted by:  TwistedPair (twistedpa…@mail.com)
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2007

I have a curious problem where stuff is changing in our AD domain, but
there's no record of those changes in the event log.  For instance, just
recently, a couple of users needed to be added back into a group that they
were previously members of.

1. None of the administrators are admitting to the change.

2. Nothing shows up in the security event logs with regard to the removal of
those accounts although I see the events for the user being added back in.

3. The reason for it not appearing in the event log could not possibly be
due to recency problems, meaning, the event had to have occurred before the
log events for it were overwritten (it happened just a couple of days ago).

4. DCdiag, netdiag, and the AD-related event logs are showing no problems.

5. Additionally other suspicious event have happened, like password
expiration settings changing and no record of that occurring in the event
log . . . Things like that.

I'm not liking the conclusions this is leaving me with as you can imagine.
If we've been compromised, I need concrete evidence.  If any of you happen
to have any ideas on possible other things to check, I'd be greatly