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Subject: Email trace
Posted by:  Wulagi (Wula…
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2007

We run  ISA as a proxy server for our institution. Our ISP provides a static
IP address. We only use Exchange for internal email. Our system is a Windows
server 2003 and all users have to use an account to get onto the system and
access the internet. We use DHCP with assigned IP addresses on each computer.
External email is only available through third party external email such as
Yahoo. We have a problem of a user sending threatening and abusive email via
a Yahoo account to an external address. We can't identify the Yahoo address.
Wh have traced the emails back to the static IP address that is our internet
port and thus know that it is coming from our network (we have 60 computers
on the network and up to 300 users). Is there any way for us to identify what
machine (an account if possible) the emails are originating from?