security of stored passwords, especially in IE

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Subject: security of stored passwords, especially in IE
Posted by:  michael brooks (msb1…
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2007

This question relates to largely to IE, but I'm only posting it here since
maybe it relates in part to Windows (XP) generally.

IE offers the convenient feature of remembering passwords. I'm wondering how
secure these are, assuming that no one can guess the password to my Windows
XP account.

For example, in the unlikely event that some one managed to steal the
harddrive out of my computer, then of course he would be able to read all
the files on my computer, but probably would not be able to log on to my
account. Is that assumption correct, assuming I use a strong password? And
are the passwords stored by IE encrypted with a good algorithm such that it
would be very hard for such a person to discover the passwords?

thanks for your insights.