RE: Secured domain admin using MMC Snapins

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Subject: RE: Secured domain admin using MMC Snapins
Posted by:  Newell White (NewellWhi…
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007

It sounds like you are trying to give your IT staff off-site access to your
.local servers.

The tool for this is to let them access the .local domain from home  via VPN
through your firewall, and run Remote Desktop.
This is how our field engineers and foreign sales offices access our database.

But this brings its own security headaches:
How do you know the PC they are using is clean?
What if they have a bright but irresponsible 12-year old at home?

Basically we are talking about trust and professionalism, not just technical
ways and means.

Newell White

"Darryl Paterson" wrote:

> Like most business we have a walled off Web AD domain from the Corp AD domain.
> Standards in the company do not allow users to have the same user account in
> both domains.
> We would like to run mmc snap in's like event viewer from the Corp domain to
> servers in the Web domain.  This won't work at the moment.  I've tried
> mapping a C$ share to the server in the web domain and running an mmc that
> way without any success.
> Apart from synched user account / password is there any known way of making
> this happen.



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