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Subject: Windows Security Center
Posted by:  kev136 (kev1…
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2008

I run Windows XP Home Edition on a PC & Laptop. I tried the solution below.
This solved my problem until i restarted my computers. After they restarted
I went back into security center & got this message again. The security
center is currently unavailable because the security center service has not
started or was stopped. Please close this window and restart the computer (or
start the security center service) and then open the security center again. I
went back into the services list and security center was disabled again. so I
used microsoft's malicious software removal tool and it didn't find any

Please help.

Ensure that the Security Center service is started......go to Start>Run and
key in:
Click on OK
In  the right-hand pane, scroll down to Security Center and double-click on
it. Use the drop-down picklist beside "Startup type" to set it to Automatic,
click on Apply, click on the Start button beneath "Services status" then
click on OK. Close the Services window.