After removing a virus applications doesn't start!

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Subject: After removing a virus applications doesn't start!
Posted by:  Yasin Akkan (yasinakk…
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008


I installed avast home edition to one of my friend's computer.
After installation it asked me if I want to schedule a scan on boot (or
something like it).I clicked yes.And later the computer asked to restart I
clicked yes again. When it restarted bootscan appeared and it started to
scan the files in the computer.

Later it found a virus like "". It asked me what to do. I choosed
"erase". The program erased it and continued to search. After it finished
searching I saw the indication that program is preparing for normal start
and starting windows.But this screen freezed and did nothing for more than 5
minutes. After that I closed the computer from the main button. When I
started it again I could see my old desktop but when I clicked the shortcuts
on it a warning appeared saying that these programs like iexplore.exe can
not be started. I tried for other programs but they were not starting also.
I could open the other files but could not start the "exe. files". I thought
this roblem maybe because the wrong installation of avast. I tried to
uninstall it but "program add and remove" application was not working too.

I opened my computer in safety mode and managed to uninstall avast but the
problem was still there. I thoughed to make a "system restore" and hardly
managed  to restore it to a previously recorded time. But the problem still
there. I can not still reach any other  applications like "msconfig" or
"regedit"  from run command.

My friend says he also has no rescue disk to reinstall the OS.
Can I solve this problem without reinstall the os?
What could be the reason for this? The file I erased or shutting down the
computer unproperly?
And how can I solve this problem?

Yasin Akkan