Email-security and muppet webdesigners.

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Subject: Email-security and muppet webdesigners.
Posted by:  Anteaus (Antea…
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008

Client recently had website designed. Muppets who created the site posted
most of the domain's email-addresses on it, as plaintext mailto: links.

The exposure of this new website site to spambot-harvesting can be measured
in days.

Their mailserver is now inundated with spam, to the point where attempts at
filtering are almost pointless. The domain may have to be junked, a new
domain set-up, and and all company stationery replaced.

Was just thinking that an awareness-raising campaign might be a good idea,
to make webdesigners, bloggers, and coders of webdesign software sit up and
take notice of the fact that PUBLISHING of unprotected email addresses on a
webpage is a serious malpractice.

All of these individuals need to be made aware that what they are doing is
not only malpractice, but that it could also lead to their being sued for the
resulting damage to email systems.

Theree might also be room for legislation here, such as:

-A requirement that the authors of webdesign software include warnings
against any action which appears to be an attempt at plaintext email-address
publication, such as entering 'mailto:' or 'x…'  into a webpage.

-A fixed penalty to be issued to webdesigners who routinely ignore email
security in their work.

I'm not all that keen on legislation myself, but it seems this is an area
where a proverbial 'kick in the pants' IS desperately needed, to make the
offenders sit up and take heed of the damage they are doing.