using certs in non-domain environments:

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Subject: using certs in non-domain environments:
Posted by:  Kristin Griffin (kristin.l.griff…
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008

Hi there.

I have been learning about PKI and AD CS.  And there is alot of material
about using active Directory to hand out certs.
But what if you were in a non-domain environment.  How would 2 companies use
each other's certs? Let's say that company A and company B each had AD CS
running on standalone machines.  Let's say they each were part of a
workgroup instead of a domain.

In order to use each other's certts, would they need to manually exchange
certs, put them each other's cert store, and also exchange the Root CA cert
and put that in the certificate store (in two places I think)?

Or am I thinking about this all wrong?

Thanks for your help.