Requesting certificate via certreq.exe to remote CA

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Subject: Requesting certificate via certreq.exe to remote CA
Posted by:  ChrisB (Chri…
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008

The following works on the CA server but will not work from my desktop machine:

certreq -submit -config "CA-MACHINE\some-ca-name" cert.req test.cer

From my desktop I get the error:

Certificate Request Processor: This computer was unable to communicate with
the computer providing the server. 0x8000401d (-2147467235)

My goal is to be able to provision a new machine with a SSL cert on a
website.  I believe I need to request a certificate with a common name equal
to the machine name to make this work.  I am also able to do all of this
manually thru IIS and the Certificate Server website but I need this to be
automated to be practical.

It is a standalone offline CA and is not part of any domain or AD
infrastructure.  The CA server is Windows 2003 Server.  My desktop is WinXP
Pro SP2.