Computer Info Compromised?

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Subject: Computer Info Compromised?
Posted by:  ColTom2 (noemailaddre…
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2008


  I have a friend who had some old letters of one of his kin in a .doc file
in his My Documents folder in his computer. The letters were enough to have
formed a book about the 1800's written by this kin.

  He Googled the letters info and found some data applicable these letters
which he has never shared with anyone. Also the .doc file string is exactly
as that in his computer. In fact, he has found a copy of these letters for
sale on the internet and the seller appears to be from the same area of the
state where he lives if not the same city. His name is referenced in as the
author of these letters.

  So my question is how did someone acquire this data from his computer, as
apparently his computer has been compromised. It would appear to me that it
had to happen in one or two scenario's. First someone somehow accessed his
computer through the internet or second when he had taken his computer to a
shop for repair. Since it appears that the seller is from the same area of
state as he is, then my first inclination would be that this info was taken
from his computer during a repair. I just really have don't have the
expertise in this area to try and make a good determination.

  If anyone has any comments, suggestions, and/or recommendations as to how
all this could have happened I would be most appreciative to read them.

  I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong newsgroups.