Help with 'web bugs' requested.

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Subject: Help with 'web bugs' requested.
Posted by:  Mseeker (Mseek…
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2008

(If you don't know what web bugs are, see or elsewhere)

Web bugs, also called web beacons, and by other names, are a non-cookie,
non-IP related way to track people on the internet.

In a way, it has made protection against cookies almost obsolete.

I've read that some ad-blocking programs would block some web bugs, but I'm
looking for something that blocks, detects and is able to scan for web bugs
(or if that's too much, just part of that).

I use IE 7. (No Firefox !)

The issue is really privacy. Seeing ads can be annoying, but my real issue
is preserving some privacy by not allowing myself to be tracked wherever I go
on the internet. Any programs, means to achieve this ? I suppose proxies or
anonymizer services might help, but they have their own disadvantadges.

Suggestions ?

Too bad that most people don't know about 'web bugs'.