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Subject: redundant wan
Posted by:  archie (arch…
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008

We have two connections to the internet (1 T1 and 1 DSL) setup for redundancy
purposes on a router with 2 wan ports. These connections both have their own
pool of IP addresses. Our name resolution is setup to point to IP addresses
bound to the T1. We recently had a situation where our T1 went down and we
had to disable that WAN port on our router until it was available again. In
this process we found that we needed to setup a second ftp subdomain
( and tell our customers to use that name.

My question is how can we make it so that we don't have to notify our
customers to use the other subdomain should this happen again without having
to make dns changes. In other words, if is bound to our T1
on and out T1 goes down, what would we need to do to make sure goes through our DSL line bound to (IP addresses
are not real, just examples).

Would we need to change our topology, or is there a way to set a secondary
IP or route for our dns names? Any feedback is much appreciated.