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Subject: EFS Issue
Posted by:  blankmonkey (blankmonk…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2008

Ok, here's the thing.
Back in the day we didn't use efs, and our first DC failed and was replaced.
Only later did we find out the DRA cert was on this server, and we now
needed to make a new one to get EFS to work.  No problem, we created a DRA
account, and made it and admin with the DRA cert.  But a side effect of this
is that we would have to go in and renew the cert in two years.  So I
caefully wrote down the password, and forgot about it for one year and 10

So now I go back, and I try to log into the DRA account, and it won't let me
in.  In spite of the fact I carefully wrote down the password in detail, it
keeps telling me "The system can't log you on" and acts like the password is
bad.  The password is 16 charicters long, random, and highly complex, and
can't be cracked (if you thing you can, please let me know).

1) What is going to happen when this cert expires?
2) Can I reset the password, and log in and renew the cert?
3) is there another way to renew this cert?

Thanks all for your help :)