phishing scam

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Subject: phishing scam
Posted by:  Larry (Lar…
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2008

I descovered that i was involved in a scam.  My pc started acting up last
friday by not allowing recieveing email  Then i was going to update my check
book on Quicken, and it would'nt let place numbers on the register. When I
did put an entry in I noticed the screen would blink and the new data would
disappere . I went to my ISP web site and did some looking in their help page
and discovered an ALEART message about an email being sent about asking to
update your profile. It said it was from my provider so I updated my profile.
(wrong thing to do ). My question is how do I remove this thing that is
infecting my pc.  Also I have already put a fruad alert out to the credit
reports.  Any help out there. Thanks Larry